Bumper sticker printing does not come in a standard size, but a common size is 250 x 70mm. All of our other products have a minimum order quantity policy of R 400 ex VAT and therefore we do not take single sti

  These license disc stickers are printed using the digital printing method. We do not laminate our license disc stickers. The standard licence disc stickers have a 90 – 92mm diameter.

  We print onto vinyl  which is then applied onto a  magnetic sheet. They are very popular because they can applied easily (to metal surfaces) and removed and reapplied with ease.

  As with most of our products, the price of our fridge magnets will depend on mainly 3 factors: 1. The number of fridge magnets you want to order. 2. The size of the fridge magnets. 3.

  Our car magnetic stickers are similar to the fridge magnets but they are applied to a thicker magnetic sheet and we also laminate them with clear vinyl. The most common sizes are as follows but custom sizes are no extra

  For bottle labels we use monomeric vinyl when the quantities are not too high (9 000 or less). If you want to request a quote on bottle labels, it is important that you give us the dimensions of the labels, (length and