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For bottle labels we use monomeric vinyl when the quantities are not too high (9 000 or less). If you want to request a quote on bottle labels, it is important that you give us the dimensions of the labels, (length and width) and not the size of the bottle. Many people will, for example give us the size of the bottle and not the size of the sticker. There is no standard sticker sizes for different bottles, because all bottle shapes are different and there are various label options (For example, some clients will want the sticker only to be on the one side and others will want it to be wrapped around the bottle or one on the front and one on the back etc.).
Regardless of whether you want to label a glass or plastic bottle, we use the same monomeric vinyl.
We can also attach your labels on the bottle at a service fee per bottle, which is slightly expensive because it must be attached by hand. Please ask us to quote you if you need this service. Most clients prefer to attach their own labels.